Elections in Chaco: Jorge Capitanich lost in eight of the nine intendancies


The Chaqueno Front, the party that has as leader to the elected governor Jorge Capitanich, suffered a tough defeat in the municipal elections this Sunday. Of the nine intentions that were at stake, I lost in eight, including Resistencia (the Capital) and Roque Saenz Pena where Daniel Capitanich, brother of the governor, was a candidate.

In Resistencia, the Chaqueno Front that takes Diego Arevalo as a candidate was in third place with 17.8% of the votes with 63% of the polled tables. It was imposed with 41% the candidate of Current Meeting Chaqueno Gustavo Martinez, a Peronist facing Capitanich. In second place was Leandro Zdero (Chaco Somos Todos) with 33 percent.

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In Roque Saenz Pena the novelty was the defeat of the governor's brother. Daniel Capitanich lost to the candidate of Chaco Somos Todos Bruno Cipolini who was imposed with 51.5% of the votes. The governor's brother, with 90% of the tables scrutinized, achieved 31.6% support.

In the municipality of Corzuela, with more than 89 percent of polled tables, the current communal chief Rafael Carrara won with 59% of the votes to the candidate of the Chaqueno Front, Gabriel Ninoff who added 33%.

In Fontana it was the only municipality where the Chaqueno Front won the election. With 86% scrutinized Patricia Rodas of the Chaqueno Front won the elections with 36.9% and will happen to her brother Antonio who will assume as national senator on December 10.

In Gancedo, Makalle, Quitilipi, Samuhu and San Bernado, the Chaqueno Front also suffered defeats.

After the closing of the elections, the governor-elect and still mayor of the Resistance had said that he would promote an "orderly transfer" and work "with whomever is elected by the popular will."

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