Elections in Salta: Gustavo Saenz won by a large majority and is the new governor


The candidate of the Saenz Governor Front, Gustavo Saenz, lHe had a wide victory in the provincial elections and is the new governor of Salta. In second place Sergio "Bear" Leavy, from the Front of All.

With the 98.72% of the counted tables, Saenz prevailed with him 53.85% in front of 26% what does it achieve Leavy. Olmedo ranks third with the 15.43%, Lopez arrive at 2.43% and is in the fourth step, and Fernandez is in the last position with the 2.28%.

“We have a great challenge and a huge responsibility on our backs. A new story begins to be written in Salta. We must be together, "said the governor-elect during the celebrations for his triumph. He then summoned Sergio Leavy and Alfredo Olmedo, to work together as of December 10.

Saenz thanked the greetings of the main political leaders of the country and called to end the crack. On that list were the president of the Nation, Mauricio Macri; the elected president Alberto Fernandez; the leader of the Renovating Front, Sergio Massa; the head of Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta; former Minister of Economy Roberto Lavagna, the Minister of Interior of the Nation, Rogelio Frigerio and the current governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey.

“We don't have to allow the crack that separates the Argentines to be found in Salta. We will not allow it. There are no winners or losers here. We have to work together to face poverty and lack of work, the real enemies, ”he said.

Saenz promised Alberto Fernandez "Work by your side" but asked "Work for the delayed north to end at once". Thus he closed a speech dedicated to trying to combat the ideological and political rift that crosses the country.

After winning in the STEP with the 42.81% of the votes Saenz was the favorite to keep the victory in the elections this Sunday. The Frente de Todos took 32.22%. Of those votes, 163,527 went to Leavy, who won the intern with 74.23%, while the current vice governor of the province, Miguel Isa, obtained 25.76%.

Leavy and Isa moved in tandem on the road that joined PASO with the general elections, committing themselves to show that they were united and followed the path marked by Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner nationwide. However, the unit failed to win the election.

The Saltenos chose their new governor, 11 senators and 30 provincial deputies, 60 mayors and 343 councilors. A total of 1,034,310 voters were eligible to vote in the 453 schools that opened to carry out the election.

The provincial elections in Salta were held through the Single Electronic Ticket System, questioned by different political forces, who consider him vulnerable. From the PJ they denounced that the elections “could be vitiated by nullity due to irregularities and computer failures”. After the wide difference in the results, the complaints did not take their course.

In addition to Saenz and Leavy, in the election they competed Pablo Lopez, of the Left Front and of the Unit Workers (FIT-U); the national deputy Alfredo Olmedo, of the Olmedo Gobernador Front; Y Elia Fernandez, of the Great Front.

The governor of Salta, Juan Manuel UrtubeyHe said that tomorrow he hopes to meet with the governor-elect in order to begin the transition process, and explained that he leaves "An orderly and fiscally balanced province".

Urtubey said the province still has "deficiencies in terms of structural poverty and lack of employment, the product of adverse economic policies" that, he said, "unfortunately from the province" could not "twist."

The president made these statements after casting his vote in the 4317 school "Lieutenant Colonel Calixto Gauna", in the town of Finca Las Costas, within the framework of the elections held in the province to define his successor, after 12 years of management.

Urtubey said he ends his term “in the framework of a very strong national crisis, which determines the work agenda and the fight against poverty.” Regarding poverty, he said that "Unfortunately today it is a pending issue throughout Argentina and much more in the north, due to historical inequality."

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