Enrique Graue ratifies Chucho Ramirez in his position


MEXICO — Enrique Graue, rector of the UNAM, informed that before the changes that will be in the dome of Cougars After the resignation of Rodrigo Ares de Parga, president of the institution, Jesus Ramirez will remain at the head of the team as sports president.If you want to receive alerts from Mexican Soccer, download the App now. espn.com/app »

"The president of the club resigned, we will wait for the season to end and then the changes that have to be made will come, but the sports president, Chucho Ramirez, will continue to lead this," he said.

"The presidency of the board of trustees does not exist as such, that position is not in the new statutes. The incorporation of Chucho Ramirez that was the president's pretention, were exclusively administrative functions," he said.

Graue, who has just been reelected in his role for four more years, reported that sports modifications that may occur in the winter break will be the responsibility of Jesus Ramirez, in addition to not deepening when asked about the possible successors of Ares de Parga.

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