ERC wins in Barcelona despite losing votes


Half a year after 28A, the effects of the 'proces' ruling have not altered the top three positions in the Catalan capital, although ERC manages to take off a point from the PSC, with which he almost tied in the generals of last April. The most substantial difference is that Republicans – despite leaving about 30,000 votes – are now the most voted force (in some cases by a handful of votes) in six of the 10 districts. However, talso socialists and In Comu Podem lose volume and percentage of votes, in a more distributed cake, where JxCat advances a position – when Ciutadans collapses -, followed by the resurgence of the PP.

The entry into action of the Cup – then – it has caught the most radical secessionist vote, with almost 7% of the ballots and also marks an increase in the independence vote in the city of Barcelona, ​​although six out of 10 votes are for constitutionalist parties. In that framework, the most striking is the cs bubble prick, while the popular and ultra-right VOX greatly improve their figures.

But although the podium has not been altered, the worst stop of the three is the PSC, losing almost three points (about 35,000 supports and ceasing to be the most voted force in two of the five districts (Sant Marti and Sant Andreu) where it was imposed last spring. Throughout the city suffers the punishment of its voters, and just follow the head in Ciutat Vella, Nou Barris and Horta-Guinardo, regarding the elections six months ago.

To the right in the high zone

And if the commons have barely moved in these months (they lose a few tenths), who recover some oxygen is JxCat, to improve being second in Gracia and Eixample, and recover his throne in Sarria-Sant Gervasi. In this last district the growth of the PP is more striking, which almost doubles votes and sticks to the heels of the neoconvergents. And although in the upper zone VOX rises, no result is there as brutally radical as that of Ciutadans, losing two thirds of its voters.

One fact: the extreme right adds there, above the Diagonal, as many followers as almost in Nou Barris.

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