Esquerra repeats victory in the city


There are no two without three, something up to a certain logical point when only six months have passed between the first and the last of the three most recent appointments with the polls. For the third time in a row, ERC is again the first political force in elections in the city of Barcelona. He won by the minimum to the Socialists in the April generals, a month later he won by a small margin to the commons of the municipal – not the mayor – and yesterday repeated victory over the PSC also by a very narrow margin: just one point and just over 8,000 votes.

However, both Republicans and socialists fall in absolute votes (participation in Barcelona falls almost five points compared to April 28) and also experience a slight percentage loss. Something minor is the decline of the commons, little damaged by the inexplicable appearance on the scene of More Country, while JxCat it is compensated by its lousy result of the previous generals, the PP shows that he has more lives than a cat and goes back to the flight also in the Catalan capital and the Cup, which was left out of town hall in the municipal passes, it passes with note its debut in some Spanish.

The city of Barcelona is not the exception of a very bitter day for Citizens. The electoral force of the orange party is reduced by half. Up to six formations were yesterday ahead of Cs. From behind, although on his heels, Vox, which had a more moderate rise in the capital of Catalonia than in the rest of the metropolitan territory.

‘Deja-vu’ of the commons, Cs sinking and Vox boom, more in the first crown than in the capital

The tie to five districts that occurred in April between PSC and ERC was undone in the pulse yesterday in favor of the Republicans. The independence formation repeats victory in the Eixample, Grace, Them
Corts Y Sants-Montjuïc, loses the first position at the hands of JxCat in the old convergent fief of Sarria-Sant Gervasi, but snatch that place of privilege for very little from the Socialists in Sant
Andreu Y Sant Marti. The PSC, meanwhile, retains hegemony in Nou Barris and revalidates the condition of first force in Ciutat Vella Y Horta-Guinardo.

In the main cities of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​the PSC maintains its indisputable hegemony, although in most municipalities it is confirmed, with voting percentages slightly below those of six months ago, that these elections have not been precisely for the Socialists a round business. Republican Esquerra it obtains a harvest very similar to that of spring that is not better partly thanks to the recovery of JxCat in many municipalities – both in the area of ​​the area and, above all, in the metropolitan region -, partly because of the effects of the premiere of the CUP in generals. For the commons, the repetition of the generals of six months ago is a deja vu from which they do not make any revenue.

In the block of rights, the general principle of communicating vessels is repeated in the metropolitan area. The sinking of Citizens is inversely proportional to the Vox rush, while the Popular Party, practically in all the important municipalities, recovers several of the lost feathers that April 28.

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