Everyone played for Boca minus Boca


The Xeneize had the opportunity to be the only pointer again, but he let it pass: he took a goalless draw by Liniers and still does not take off.

It was not an easy stop for Boca. Velez had already demonstrated in the Super League Cup, just a few months ago, that he could be one of the most difficult rivals for Gustavo Alfaro's team. But the opportunity seemed unbeatable to recover the top of the Super League alone. It was necessary a sample of character, to get a plus in a brave. A sample that, again, did not have.

The Lettuce decided to take half of the field to try to neutralize the intensity that Gabriel Heinze usually proposes. The idea, defensively, may have worked for him. But offensively, no. Beyond some isolated moves that made Dominguez look, the Xeneize generated little and nothing in the local arc. And worse, over the end, the expulsion of Frank Fabra caused the visitor to end up defending himself very close to his area and for Andrada to become a figure.

That image of the end is the one that worries, because the little weight in attack was a constant throughout the semester, but not the suffering in the background. If something had made Alfaro strong on the squad it was on the last line, and although Fabra's expulsion could have given Velez some more space, the truth is that the DT armed two lines of four to neutralize that absence. But the spaces were and the archer had to appear to save, once again, zero.

Boca let three gold points pass even though the tie serves him to get on the same line as Lanus and Argentinos. But, more importantly, he missed the possibility of proving to himself that he really is to fight the championship.

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