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Smash the underbody lights, "Need for Speed" is back! "Need for Speed ​​Heat" takes the arcade racer line back to its origins, letting you experience spectacular road races and hot chases with the police. What you need to know about the release of the new part you can read here.

What's new in "Need for Speed ​​Heat" & how many cars are there?

"Need for Speed ​​Heat" puts you in the city of Palm City, which you experience very differently during the day and at night. During the day you drive legal races against other racers, but at night the law of the street applies: Corrupt police officers chase you and your upgraded cars.

For the release you have 127 cars from 33 manufacturers for your jaunts through the Miami-inspired open world. With the help of an editor, which is also available as a supplementary app, you can tune and visually change it completely – with paint jobs, neon, spoilers or stickers.

In addition to the day-night change, "Need for Speed ​​Heat" also brings along a weather system that dynamically changes the game world: when it rains, the roads get wet, sunshine dries up again, and of course this has an influence on the races.

Who should play "Need for Speed ​​Heat"?

Like all "Need for Speed" parts, "Heat" is a dedicated arcade racer. Realism is of secondary importance here, it is above all the good feeling to heat in a fast car without consequences through the area. If you like the "Fast & Furious" series, you will get the unofficial game for the movie.

"Need for Speed" fans, who were rather disappointed with the last games, could also find their way back to the series with the new part: the races against cops are an important pillar of the "NfS" brand, and the tune and enhancement of your car leaves memories the popular "Underground" and "Most Wanted" parts come up.

Platforms: Where can I play Need for Speed ​​Heat?

"Need for Speed ​​Heat" is available for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. On the PC, the game is included in the subscription service Origin Access Premier. Subscribers to EA Access (on consoles) and Origin Basic (on PC) can play a ten-hour trial.

Is there a german voice output?

"Need for Speed ​​Heat" is completely playable in german dubbed version and with german lyrics.

Are there multiplayer & split-screen modes?

"Need for Speed ​​Heat" has a detailed online component: You can race against other players and race with them through the Open World. However, there is no split-screen mode for shared couch sessions on the split screen.

Can I play "Need for Speed ​​Heat" offline?

Who prefers completely offline and plays alone, can do that: There is no online constraint. Of course, then you have to do without a number of network functions.

Download size: How big is "NfS Heat"?

"Need for Speed ​​Heat" requires about 28 gigabytes of space on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, you have to download a Day-One patch that is 4.6 gigabytes in size.

Performance: How does "Need for Speed ​​Heat" work on PS4 (Pro) and Xbox One (X)?

On PS4 and Xbox One runs "Need for Speed ​​Heat" in 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. On the stronger console versions PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the game runs optionally in 4K resolution, but also only at 30 frames per second. A performance mode for 60 FPS at 1080p resolution does not exist. HDR is supported in all versions.

What are the PC system requirements?

Minimum requirements:


DLC: Does "NfS Heat" get more extensions?

In the coming weeks and months, "Need for Speed ​​Heat" will continue to be supplied with new content. Already announced are so-called "Car Packs" with new cars as well as "time savers" that make all collectibles visible on the map. These contents must be purchased separately if they are available. Lootboxes and other forms of microtransactions are not available for release and will not be added later.

Review Ratings: Is Need for Speed ​​Heat Good?

The test results of the trade press for "Need for Speed ​​Heat" are average to good. At the Metacritic website, which adds an average of review scores, the game currently scores 74 to 75 out of a possible 100, depending on the platform being tested.

Above all, many tests highlight the atmosphere of the night race positively and are impressed by the extensive possibilities to optically tune racing cars. The graphic is usually described as handsome, but not exceptionally pretty, the driving behavior of the cars is also particularly useful. The story with its many cliches and flat sayings is probably a matter of taste, but does not disturb the overall impression too much.

Generally, the game is seen as a return of the "Need for Speed" brand to its old strength. However, the previous part "Payback" had also been rated extremely bad.

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