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The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, highlighted today that he made the announcement of new general elections for the pacification of the country, when the right-wing opposition and civic groups orchestrate a coup to forge the resignation of the president.


Evo Morales announces new general elections

"We are going to always look for social peace" despite the fact that the opposition has rejected all attempts at dialogue in an attempt to attack President Morales and conspire against democracy, Morales said in an interview with TeleSur.

Morales faces a violent wave of protests since the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) declared him the absolute winner of the general elections of October 20, when the opposition denounced a fraud and called to ignore the results, while orchestrating a coup along with Civic Committees

Given these complaints, the Government requested the Organization of American States (OAS) to submit the Bolivian electoral process to a comprehensive audit that the opposition also rejected and opted to radicalize the pressure measures against the TSE and the Movement to Socialism (MAS).

Morales denounced to the international community that his Government faced a coup d'etat.

We have the obligation to defend our achievements in social and economic matters, for peace between families, so I ask that we not face, that the blockages that harm the poorest sectors be over.

The decision to announce new elections was thought after consulting with the leaders of the CNE to defend the life of Bolivians and to defend our democracy project with social justice, he said.

Morales expressed his opinion on the report of the Organization of American States (OAS) that the continental institution made a political decision with its report, because it recognized the triumph of the Bolivian president, but the document is not part of a legal or practical-technical decision of the elections .

The OAS advanced in its audit of the elections of October 20, in violation of what was agreed with the Bolivian authorities to present the report next week, to hold new elections for alleged irregularities.

He accused the right-wing opposition and the civic committees, which ask for his resignation, of not accepting the dialogue convened by the president, as another step in the ongoing coup d'etat, when the international community supported Morales's call.

Morales listed a series of actions of his opponents, carried out systematically, as evidence of imposing his coup intentions, by refusing any attempt at dialogue and his repeated call to ignore the election results that gave the president the victory.

Conspiring with democracy, that is the coup – Morales said – by highlighting the efforts of his Government to seek social peace, helping the most humble sectors so that there is some equality, accompanied by the sustained economic growth that the country has registered.

The coup began one day after the October 20 elections; nine days later they failed to impose their intention for Morales to leave power by calling for violent mobilizations against the Bolivian people.

Morales denied that the armed forces will go out to the streets, that this is not their job; His priority is to defend the country against drug trafficking and secure the facilities of the new Bolivian industry while maintaining that they have no conflict with the army.

Morales explained that after that announcement announced this Sunday, agreed with social organizations, the mobilizations and stoppages should be suspended, because "there is no excuse" to continue with these pressure measures.

On the other hand, the dignitary urged people who are mobilized in the streets to put down their protests and lift the strikes and assessed that with the announcement made hours before national elections, with new electoral members, the measure is no longer right to be.

A violent wave of protests, stoppages, street blockages, among others, generated before the Supreme Electoral Court declared the winner of the second-place candidate Carlos Mesa the absolute winner of the October 20 general elections.

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) said on Sunday, through a statement on its official website, that "it is understood that constitutional mandates should not be interrupted, including that of President Evo Morales," and called on avoid the "overflows" of violence.

The OAS issued this day a preliminary audit report to the elections of October 20 that establishes new elections with new members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which Morales agreed and made the call.

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