FCN: Will Markus start after this debacle still club coach? – 2nd Bundesliga


Bad. Worse. 1. FC Nuremberg!

Who thought the club would have already reached their lowest point in this disappointing season with Bochum (1: 3) and the expulsion of Damir Canadi (49), was surprised yesterday: The 1-5 embarrassment against the new league leaders Bielefeld was "disrespectful "(Lohkemper)," inexplicable "(Valentini) and" only sad "(Mintal).

After the memorable home debacle, which was accompanied by a part of the 28624 spectators in the end only with malice, now only one question arises:

Is this rubble club really beginning?

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Nuremberg's desire coach Markus Anfang should have passed the laugh after the 1: 5 of the FCN against Bielefeld Photo: Getty Images

As BILD has already reported, wish coach Markus Anfang (45) for days with FCN sports director Robert Paliuca (41) negotiate concrete, possibly as early as Wednesday lead the first training. However, the native of Cologne will also be thinking after this appearance. The problems are probably much greater than feared.

► Against Bielefeld FCN gains only 40.2 percent of the duels.

► Sports boss Robert Palikuca (41) says on Sky: "We have no clear hierarchy on the pitch."

► 27 goals in 13 games are record in the league.

► Only seven points from seven home games the balance sheet of a downer.

On Sunday, the game was already after a quarter of an hour. Clauss (0: 1/10), Voglsammer (0: 2/12) and Klos (0: 3/15) miss Nuremberg a 15-minute knockout. Nuremberg's defense does not deserve the word.

Bitter: When SOrensen after the break with a header to 1: 3 (59th) ensures a small spark of hope, the club collected in return the 1: 4 (60) – Klos meets only 42 seconds (!) After the Nuremberg consolation goal. Yabo puts the 1: 5 (72) on it.

Instead of a spirit of optimism after the dismissal of coach Damir Canadi (49), the club is pure frustration. Most fans have turned away from the team completely at the moment, the Ultras rolled their flags after the 0: 3, returned to the team after the game even partially back.

After the international break, the club has to Frankenderby after Furth (24 November). Then probably with the beginning as a coach – if he does not change his mind after this game again …

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