Federer's statements after losing to Thiem in London


Roger Federer has fallen in two tight sets before Dominic Thiem in his first game in the Nitto ATP Finals. After fitting the defeat, the number 3 of the ATP ranking commented in a press conference how he had felt during the match, the unconditional support of the stands and their next two games in the Round Robin.

Thiem played very well, but Roger was not overwhelmed by the Austrian at any time. "I think he has played well. The start definitely did not help. That made me start behind, but I recovered well and after that, the game was nice for a while. I had my chances. I have not felt overwhelmed at any time. Dominic also saved the situation very well when he had to. My game was not good enough today. "

The unconditional support that the stands provide is not something so uncomfortable for its rivals. "I don't think it's such a difficult thing for rivals. I don't think fans are unfair. I think my opponents are very happy when they play against me too, because it's usually on a big stage and there's a very good atmosphere. Tonight, I would have liked to have given them something else, but finally I could not go back. I am happy to have played here so many times to be able to enjoy the audience here and I am looking forward to playing the next two games. "

From now on, the tournament is like a normal one; You can't lose a game again. "My forecast is that of a normal tournament from now on. If I want to stay alive here, I can't lose again. That's the way it is every week of the year for the last two decades, so there's nothing new. Matteo with his serve It can be very dangerous against any opponent here. He didn't have his best game against Novak today. It's probably also very difficult to debut in a tournament playing with Novak on the indoor court, because it's weird that he has some slip at the first exchange. I have to recover and play better than today. I hope to win the next game. "

The breaks are vital to endure throughout the season. "I take breaks throughout the year. It's the only way. I can't play and train every week. I need to take breaths and good training, enough games for the season to flow and then listen to the signals that your body gives you. It's so simple as that. Sometimes you have to play with pain, but we can also take a break when we think it is appropriate, although tournaments and fans don't like it. But they have to understand that we must take care if we want to extend the season to the fullest. "

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