Flag Football: Flag Football Derby in Unterwart


The 10th of November was marked by the derby between the two flag football teams Hooters Guardians Oberwart and Ozelots Stinatz. After a balanced start the Guardians from Oberwart went down against strong and in the plays simply better ocelots from Stinatz with 66-19.
Nevertheless, one must not forget that the Guardians Oberwart were founded this year. While the Guardians celebrated their founding this year, the founding of the ocelots is already 8 years ago. In the beginning, American football was played in Stinatz for fun – but nevertheless the Stinatzas are also more new to Flagfootball. Nevertheless, you could see that the Stinatzer already at tournaments such as z. were in Wiener Neustadt and there as the best example even unbeaten!

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