For Montebourg, Macron is a "thruster" of the National Gathering


He turned the page of political lifebut remains a zealous defiant of macronism. Guest this Sunday And at the same time on BFMTV, the former Minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg, reconverted for a year in the production of honey, sent a violent spade to the head of state, which had also succeeded to Bercy in 2014. According to the former socialist, Emmanuel Macron is not a bulwark against the National Gathering, but its electoral "thruster".

"Madame Le Pen made 34% (in the presidential election), there it is given at 45%So in two and a half years of macronism, we are 11 points higher, (…) it is only 5 points away from victory. So again a little effort, Mr. Macron will succeed in installing Ms. Le Pen. (…) It's not called a rampart, it's called a thruster, "tapped Arnaud Montebourg.

To avoid the current rise of the RN, the one who had occupied the Ministry of Productive Recovery for a longer period (in fact that of Industry) suggests to the President of the Republic to "change the policy". And to summarize the situation, dramatic according to him, of the country:

"Today, Mr. Macron has decided to adapt France to the global standards of globalization, which itself is disappearing.So he is 15 years behind.The 'new world' is actually the old. "

"France needs to be herself"

According to Arnaud Montebourg, "what the French dream, (…) is that France affirms what it is, it is the country of General de Gaulle, it is the country of Napoleon Bonaparte, of Louis XIV ".

"France needs to be herself, not to imitate others, the German model, which is an anti-model, (…) or America, (…) Americans are the first to hit us! Is France going to assert itself? That's the subject, so if we do not create the conditions for this affirmation, I fear the worst, "he concluded, adopting a tone similar to that of a Jean-Pierre Chevenement.

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