France – World | Riot scenes at Ikea for a designer's limited collection


The products of the "Markerad" collection, the fruit of a collaboration between Ikea and Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, have ripped like hotcakes in several furniture stores in different countries where the Swedish giant is located.

Scrambling, rush, shopping to get around the turnstiles: the sale of this limited collection provoked scenes of riots and hysteria in Germany, Belgium, or the United States on November 7th. Each customer was entitled to ten purchases.

The American designer, also right arm of Kanye West, produced for the brand 14 items: carpets, chairs, tables and furniture mainly white shelves, glass or raw wood also bearing a bright color detail, such as what distinguishes the clothing of the brand Off-White; the brand that Virgil Abloh founded and that contributed to its success.

No risk in France to attend such scenes … The collection will only be sold online to a selection of people drawn by lot after registration on a list.

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