Francois Mitterrand "did not want" the Reunification


On November 9, 1989, "I was in Bonn, the capital of West Germany, I was listening to the radio and I decided to take the last plane to Berlin, where I arrived shortly before midnight." I rushed to the Wall by car and then on foot, because there was a gigantic traffic jam ", recalls Bernard Volker, a journalist long stationed in Germany. "All Germans were celebrating and wanted a drink in the West ", he reports.

"East Germans have always hoped for Reunification, according to the former journalist of the ORTF. When they returned home at night, they were watching TV channels in West Germany. They lived a part of their life by proxy.

The ubiquitous Stasi

Bernard Volker had noticed the work of the Stasi: "When we were going to do a report in the East, we were filling out aberrant formalities, the security agents treated us very badly and we always had companions with us who watched us all the time".

Francois Mitterrand was not enthusiastic about the fall of the Wall and the Reunification. "I was very surprised by his attitude, he was a man of the past, this business was beyond him, he did not want to," reveals the former journalist TF1.

"Germany was my first job abroad, I have German ancestors, so it was a very important moment for me in my career", concludes Bernard Volker.

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