Freiburg coach assaulted by opposing player in full match


An ugly scene occurred this Sunday at the Schwarzwald-Stadion stadium in the last moments of the meeting between Freiburg and theEintracht Frankfurt (96th minute)

Christian Streich, the coach of the local team, received a violent buffer from David Abraham, a player of the opposing formation.

As he headed for the touch line, and seeing the Friborg coach let the ball go deliberately to save time, Abraham had the very bad idea of ​​nudging Streich. The latter was thrown into the air and fell violently on his back.

The whole Freiburg bench stood up to try to answer the attacker. The Frankfurt players have been quick to come and defend their teammate.

There was a big crowd, but a general fight was avoided. After a good moment of floating, the spirits then gradually subsided.

Because of his very bad reflex, Abraham risks a very heavy suspension. Although he was up and disappointed by the defeat of his, the Argentine player (33 years) will have no excuse to provide his regrettable gesture.

It was unheard of in the German elite and the leaders of the Bundesliga will certainly do everything to ensure that such a slippage does not happen again.

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