From love to hate, from loyalty to betrayal: the story of Mauro Zarate and Velez


Boca's striker returns, once again, to what his house used to be and where he was declared "unpleasant person". What happened in between?

He January 10, 2018 it was not another day for fans of Velez. After three and a half years, one of the prodigal sons returned home, the only one he claimed to have, to help the team in a complicated time and unthinked five years earlier, when he was local champion and semifinalist of the Copa Libertadores. For those years and product of bad campaigns and economic crisis, the Fort had to add to not have problems with the average. 22 months are fulfilled this afternoon since that day and the history of Mauro Zarate it's totally different.

Jose Amalfitani had dressed up to receive him again with the shirt of his heart. Selfies with the fans, ovation and emotion. But after six months, with 11 games and eight goalsIn addition to the objective of permanence almost without inconvenience, a decision caused the greatest of hatreds: he planted the V, which had agreed to buy his pass to Watford, to wear Boca's shirt, with the supposed promise, never confirmed but not denied, of having a chance in the Argentine National Team. No one forgave him, but not even the most angry fan imagined what would come next.

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Burning of shirts with the 9, threats to the family and the school of their children, fights with their brothers and former companions, promises of warlike climate. On the other side, silence. Almost with shame, but without regret. Until the quarterfinal series of the Super League Cup, which put Xeneize and Fortin face to face. In the first leg, played at Jose Amalfitani, the whistled national anthem was covered for history, covered by insults. But everything would explode in the rematch: closed match, penalties and Zarate who decides to take charge of the third auction. Goal and shout facing the gallery that gives the Riachuelo. The victory was Alfaro's and the celebration, out of focus. Until he launched "the big team passed." The phrase was the atomic bomb that swept through any hint of affection and the possibility of reconciliation.

In Velez it was decided to declare him "unpleasant person" and he was suspended as a member. Meanwhile, Mauro's responses via social networks were to reaffirm his new love for Boca, dress his children with blue and gold and even proudly show his Xeneize membership card. His past, buried. But every so often, for professional reasons, it appears on your horizon.

Zarate returns to his former home. Where he was cheered as a hero and where he went and will be insulted from all four sides, for a decision that only he will know the reasons.

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