Hall of Fame entertains its new immortals


Santo Domingo RD. The Dominican Sports Hall of Fame yesterday recognized the trajectory of the outstanding athletes Cesar Rivera, Juan Baez, Leonidas Henriquez, Rafael Torres and the businessman Jose Manuel Mallen, past president of the Eastern Stars.

The recognition of the trajectory of these notable citizens came on the occasion of the celebration made by the Pavilion of Fame to the 10 athletes who will be exalted tomorrow to the immortality of Dominican sport.

During a cozy atmosphere in the Churchill Ballroom and Foyer Hall of the Hotel Real Interconentinental, the Pavilion of Fame and the Standing Committee provided a welcome lunch to former players Placido Polanco, Alfonso Soriano, Jose Nunez, Jorge Amparo, Eneida Perez, Claudine Garcia, Maximo -Tepo- Tapia, Luis Lin Ju, Roosevelt Comarazamy and Bolivar Vargas Candelario.

The former athletes and the two propellers (Vargas Candelario and Comarazamy) will be exalted on Sunday 10, during the 53rd Ceremonial of the Hall of Fame that will be held from 10:00 in the morning in the main auditorium of the institution, located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. Own was the occasion for the Pavilion to highlight the trajectory of Rivera, a glory of Dominican sport that provided 55 years of his life imparting justice as an international volleyball and basketball referee.

Also, to recognize the work as diffusers of the sport that the chroniclers Juan Baez, Rafael Torres, Leonidas Henriquez have done for decades, as well as the philanthropic propellant work deployed by Jose Manuel Mallen, especially through the professional baseball team Stars. The reception was headed by the presidents of the Standing Committee and the Veterans Committee of the Hall of Fame, Dr. Dionisio Guzman and the immortal Julio Mon Nadal, who were very pleased to highlight that type of activity that the Pavilion has been doing in recent years .

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