Historical success of Teruel Existe, which achieves a scarcity


Between applause and cheers and with a joy that confirmed victory, andThe candidate for Congress by Teruel There, Tomas Guitarte, He has thanked the Turolenses for their vote and participation in the 236 municipalities of the province, which allow him to reach Congress, and has claimed that "for the first time a social movement reaches Parliament."

The grouping of voters has won the victory in the general elections of November 10 in the province with 19,696 votes and 26.7% of the vote, which means its Entry into the Congress of Deputies with a seat.

Guitarte, knowing the results, has assured the media that the Turolenses now have "the tool" with which "finally" will be heard in the rest of the country, at a time when the province "was doomed to languish."

"We know that there is a lot of work ahead, but the hardest thing was to make this leap and now we will be heard in Spain and outside of Spain," said the candidate, who also said that since the grouping of voters they have "heard" the citizens and that they are now open to listen "to the whole parliamentary arch that seeks governance."

Guitarte has also pointed out that thanks to the work they have done "all together" have achieved "greater cohesion" between the municipalities of Turolenses, as well as "raise self-esteem", and has reiterated that Teruel exists "thanks to the people."

"We want to have the equality that we have been denied for decades," said the elected deputy, who added among a standing ovation that "the voice of the Turolenses is already in the Cortes" and that "this is only the beginning."

Check the results of the 10-N general elections:

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