Holland overwhelms Paraguay and is the first semifinalist


The Netherlands agreed to the semifinals after thrashing (4-1) to Paraguay, despite the fact that the VAR annulled them two goals that the Qatari referee Khamis Al Marri had conceded at first. The World Cup panorama has taken a radical turn for the Dutch: to have a foot and a half out after the first two days (two losses) to get into one of the best third and have the easy side of the picture.

After the surprise of Paraguay to eliminate Argentina with a great comeback, the South Americans could not repeat a miracle. They also placed 2-0 on the scoreboard. They marked Hoever and Hansen, two of the proper names of the tournament. A very serious error of Rensch caused that they approached in the marker with a bit of Duarte. The miracle seemed possible.

However, Holland maintained its superiority and gave no option to the Paraguayans, who tried it with more soul than football. The VAR prevented Braaf from sentencing the match and reached the final minutes with uncertainty about the tightness of the score.

Braaf did not give up and in '78 he scored again, this time a completely legal goal. That much made Paraguay finally lower its arms and in 86 'Unuvar made the fourth and final. The champion of Europe, first semifinalist.

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