How do those selected by Chile get to the match with Peru?


The present of each one of the protagonists of the twenty that will look for a good result in Lima on the 19th.

They mixed the serious social crisis that lives Chile and the ANFP's intentions to resume the local tournament normally, then Reinaldo Rueda drew up a list of 20 Chilean players who play abroad to face Peru in Lima on November 19.

There are some with more prominence than others and a pair that stands out in the scoring face in the absence of Eduardo Vargas and Alexis Sanchez, casualties due to injury. Among the highlights is Charles Aranguiz, who is once again considered after recovering in record time to return to be fixed at Bayer Leverkusen.

This has been the 2019/20 season of the 20 summoned:

Soccer player

Minutes played (matches)



Claudio Bravo395 (5)-61 red
Gabriel Arias1,260 (12)-13
Mauritius Island614 (8)1 red
Guillermo Maripan608 (7)1 yellow
Erick Thumb1,170 (13)35 yellow
Gary Medel719 (10)4 TA and 1 TR
Francisco Sierralta0
Christian Bravo1,182 (16)54 TA and 1 TR
Jean Meneses1,370 (17)31 yellow
Felipe Mora744 (16)31 yellow
Miiko Bathrobe626 (9)2 TA and 1 TR
Sebastian Vegas1,710 (19)26 yellow
Lorenzo Reyes1,458 (17)3 yellow
Luis Felipe Gallegos1,076 (13)22 yellow
Esteban Pavez624 (7)one
Arturo vidal451 (11)31 yellow
Claudio Baeza1,281 (5)5 yellow
Charles Aranguiz1,057 (13)one3 yellow
Diego Valdes886 (18)62 yellow
Nicolas Castillo414 (8)41 yellow

As can be evidenced in the statistics prior to the FIFA date, and considering all the competences that the selected ones dispute, the one that comes most on in terms of annotations is Diego Valdes, with 6, followed by the 5 of Christian Bravo, who specified them between the Uruguayan league and Copa Sudamericana only this semester. Nico Castillo closes that podium, with 4 goals in just 414 minutes due to his coexistence with injuries.

The arch looks covered with good numbers for both Claudio Bravo and Gabriel Arias, who look with better options to start the Qualifiers. In any case, the former captain will arrive at the concentration preceded by a hard win at the hands of Liverpool.

The Peruvians also have their list confirmed and threaten the presence of the maximum reference Paolo Guerrero in the center of the attack.

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