Illegal car race at Walchensee: 18-year-old rams Audi shortly before the tunnel


Two young boys were injured in the accident at Walchensee.

© Wasserwacht Walchensee

After an illegal car race on the B11 there was an accident between Urfeld and Walchensee. Two young men were injured.

  • Illegal car race on the B11 at Walchensee
  • 18-year-old causes accident when overtaking in a curve
  • Two people injured hospitalized

Walchensee – The federal highway B11 at Walchensee is narrow, quite curvy and confusing in many places. Late on Friday evening there occurred between Urfeld and Walchensee traffic accident, in which injured two people were.

The collision was preceded by a collision between the parties known to each other illegal car racing, which is two motorists, 18 and 20 years old, on the Federal road provided. According to the police, the two drove down from Kesselberg in the direction of Urfeld and then on towards Walchensee, They reached one according to their own comments speed of 110 km / h.

Illegal car race at Walchensee: Just before the tunnel crashes

Shortly before the Tunnel Kirchelwand it happened then. The 18-year-old Penzberger overtook the 20-year-old from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in an unobservable right-hander. It touched the Honda the younger one Audi of the elder such that the Audi came to the right of the road, a wooden fence on a length of almost 50 meters from the ground anchoring cracked and then came to a stop on the road.

The driver of the Audi and his passenger were seriously injured and hospitalized Garmisch brought. A third inmate was unhurt. Likewise, the 18-year-old Penzberger and his co-driver in the Honda got away with the horror.

Fire brigade and Wasserwacht in action – Two injured after illegal car racing

The fire department Walchensee was in action with ten men. The Wasserwacht Walchensee arrived with four helpers. The ambulances from Kochel and Mittenwald took the injured to the hospital.

Both vehicles had to be towed by the accident site. Both drivers will be responsible for a prohibited race. In addition, the Honda driver has because of an ad negligent bodily injury to count.

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