"In addition, they make the show", the popularity of the Blue always at the top


The Blues crushed Serbia in Bordeaux. – GEORGES GOBET / AFP

  • France easily beat Serbia at Matmut Atlantique de Bordeaux
  • After the infatuation with the World Cup, the Blues are still attracting more and more people to the stadium.
  • Corinne Deacon and her players recalled the importance of this new support.

There was everything! A win, goals, the show, a fire atmosphere and icing on the cake for the Bordeaux public (22,000 spectators), a goal of a Girondins player at the end of the extra time. In short, the Blue could hardly do better at Matmut Atlantique against Serbia (6-0): "It's an almost perfect evening. There were just a few absences but it was really not bad, "even the demanding
Corinne Deacon was satisfied.

It must be said that his players offered a real demonstration: "Frankly, it was great", "we loved with children", "it plays really well", these are the kind of reactions that we heard at the exit of the stadium. A nice final bouquet for the last game of the year 2019 when the French have taken a new dimension with this particular World Cup played at home. For Valerie, coming from the Landes for the occasion, "they have entered the heart of the French and today, many people know that we have a great team. "

Geyoro offers the public an exceptional goal

To illustrate, this Viviane Asseyi all smiles remind this week in 20 minutes "That before some of his friends did not watch the games so now they do it. "And indeed, this is perhaps the most beautiful victory of the Blue this year despite" this elimination against the United States will always be a disappointment "as recalled by the other Bordeaux team
Charlotte Bilbault.

But a few months later, the flame is still there and the players of Corinne Deacon want to maintain it as long as possible. "I really do not regret being there even though I hesitated with the rain (smiles) but in the end, it was beautiful. And besides, they make the show. Did you see this goal in the first half? Jonathan, a fan of the Girondins, gets excited. Yes yes, we saw it! Who could have missed this volley in the middle of Grace Geyoro. And in good habit of
Matmut Atlantique, we do not often see them like that!

"I think it helps girls"

And what about this audience at the rendezvous. "We are in Bordeaux, it's normal," Viviane Asseyi fun. Perhaps. But one thing is certain, this public "has answered present and it is very good because one needs it," stresses Charlotte Bilbault. It is not Corinne Deacon who will say the opposite:

"It's true that this craze is a very good thing. We played in a bigger stadium and we see that people are there. I hope there were also people watching TV. We see that in all regions of France, the public is there. I think it also helps the girls to get that kind of victory. "

Very nice atmosphere for this France - Serbia at Matmut Atlantique.
Very nice atmosphere for this France – Serbia at Matmut Atlantique. – Clement Carpentier / 20 Minutes

Two wins in two qualifying matches for Euro 2021. Full stands. What more ? "Well, it's going on! With this kind of success, we do not see why it would stop Charlotte Bilbault.

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