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Independiente del Valle was proclaimed this Saturday champion of the South American Cup 2019, after bending 3-1 to the Colon de Santa Fe in the first single match final in the history of the competition, which was held in Asuncion in a rain-conditioned match.

The goals of Luis Leon, Jhon Sanchez and Colombian Christian Dajome allowed the Ecuadorian team to add the first international title to their showcases, before the attentive gaze of the thousands of Argentine fans who monopolized the General Pablo Rojas stadium.

As planned in the script of the party, Independiente took the initiative from the first minute, taking the ball played from behind, however the pressure in the opposite field of Columbus prevented him from arriving with danger.

The match had barely begun when the storm broke out in Asuncion, making it difficult for the teams to circulate the ball and turning the game into a correcalles. In the absence of possibilities below, he went to the ball as the Independiente del Valle advanced, when his captain Luis Leon took advantage of a foul thrown by Cristian Pellerano in the 25th minute to rise over his rivals and finish a header.

Six minutes later, referee Raphael Claus announced a half-hour break due to the storm, a time that the operators took advantage of to evacuate the water from two large puddles that had formed in one of the bands.

After the break, the arbitration team conducted tests on the pitch and, after making sure that the ball was running normally on the pitch, the match resumed.

The passage through locker rooms came better to the Independent that did not take a minute to generate the first occasion, by means of an active Dajome that left behind his marker in a race by the band, the ball was outlined to the left and shot shot.

The opportunity provoked a reaction from the footballers of the Columbus, who, encouraged by their fans, advanced their lines and forced two consecutive corners.
In 36, Wilon Morelo had the clearest opportunity to put the boards on the scoreboard, after signing a wall with Cristian Bernardi, stand in the heart of the area and shoot Jorge Pinos with a focused shot that cleared the goalkeeper without problems.

However, six minutes later, Jhon Sanchez took advantage of the fact that Columbus had leaned forward to find the back of the defense in a counterattack on the left side and define under Burian to score 2-0.

After the break, Columbus threw himself on the back to look for the comeback and found his prize in the 50th minute in the form of a penalty for a push by Anthony Landazuri on Morelos, which Raphael Claus had to check on the VAR monitor already That the fault was doubtful.

However, goalkeeper Jorge Pinos rose as the hero of Independiente, stopping the cross shot and halfway up 'La Pulga' Rodriguez from eleven meters, which allowed him to maintain his two-goal advantage.

He failed to decompose Columbus who lost the initiative of the game and was able to fit the third in two plays starring again by Dajome, one of the men of the game, who was not successful in the face of goal.

The Argentine team's game was limited in the following minutes to individual sparks such as that of Morelo who in the 64th minute signed a fantasy play, dribbled four rivals and entered the area, where it was done at night.

Independiente del Valle extended his domain in the last leg of the game against a Colon who dreamed of the comeback in the last minutes, after the central Emanuel Olivera cut distances with a header at the exit of a corner in 89.

The illusion was diluted when the Colombian Dajome sentenced the match in the 96th minute, defining with pleasure a counterattack with hardly any opposition, with a Colon overturned in attack, which was the final 3-1.

The more than 600 fans of the Independiente del Valle who traveled to Asuncion They raised their flags to celebrate the title, while the Argentine mass left the field applauding theirs for reaching the final.

Valley Independent: Jorge Pinos; Anthony Landazuri, Luis Fernando Leon, Richard Schunke and Luis Segovia; Cristian Pellerano, Alan Franco and Efren Mera (d. 79, Roberto Garces); Cristhian Dajome, Gabriel Torres (m.85, Washington Corozo) and Jhon Sanchez (m.75, Alejandro Cabeza) DT: Miguel Angel Ramirez.

Colon: Leonardo Burian; Alex Vigo (m.65, Jorge Ortega), Guillermo Ortiz, Emanuel Olivera, Gonzalo Escobar (m.69, Gabriel Esparza); Marcelo Estigarribia, Federico Lertora, Cristian Bernardi (m.76, Tomas Chancalay), Fernando Zuqui; Wilson Morelo and Luis 'la Pulga' Rodriguez. DT: Pablo Lavallen.

Goals: 1-0, m.25: Luis Leon. 2-0, m.42: Jhon Sanchez. 2.1, m.89: Emanuel Olivera. 3-1, m.96: Christian Dajome.

Referee: The Brazilian Raphael Claus admonished Landazuri and Dajome.

Incidents: Final of the 2019 South American Cup held for the first time in a single match at the General Pablo Rojas stadium "La Nueva Olla" in Asuncion. The party suffered a half-hour break in the first half due to the rain.


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