Independiente del Valle won his first international title


The Ecuadorian team defeated Colon de Sante Fe 3-1 in a dramatic final in Asuncion, which was stopped 30 minutes by an intense storm.

61 years after its foundation, Valley Independent shouted champion at the continental level. The Ecuadorian team that had only won the Series B (2009) and Second Category (2007) titles in their country, stayed this Saturday with the South American Cup after beating Columbus 3-1.

The weather was the protagonist in the "La Nueva Olla" Stadium in Asuncion, as the match began to rain and about 15 'became very intense and left the playing field in very bad conditions, which forced the Brazilian Raphael Claus to determine the match at 30 '.

Half an hour the engagement was interrupted. Before this break, Luis Fernando Leon opened the account at 25 'head after taking advantage of a stopped ball. Before going to rest, Jhon Jairo Sanchez put the 2-0.

In addition, the "Sabalero" entered with another attitude and had his chances, the clearest was when the judge sanctioned a criminal argument against the Colombian and exacting of Everton de Vina del Mar Wilson Morelo. The launch was charged by the figure of the Argentines, Luis Miguel "El Pulga" Rodriguez, but his shot was stopped by Jorge Pinos.

The drama came on the end when Emanuel Olivera put the discount at 88 '. However, the final score was put by Cristian Dajome at 90 '+ 6.

The Panamanian Gabriel Torres and who belongs to University of Chile and is on loan, he also won his first international title.

Indepedniente del Valle is the second Ecuadorian team to win the contest, as had been done by the Quito League in 2009. The "Rayados del Valle" will play the Recopa against the winner of the Liberators, who will play in Lima River Plate and Flamengo. They will also be part of the Suruga Bank.

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