Institutional breakdown in Bolivia is unacceptable: Alberto Fernandez


President-elect of Argentina Alberto Fernandez said today that institutional breakdown in Bolivia is unacceptable, after remarking that a coup d'etat has been consummated in that country.

After the resignation of President Evo Morales and his vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera amid the aggressions of the right, Fernandez stressed that the coup is a product of the joint actions of violent civilians, complemented by self-quartered police personnel and the army's passivity.

We, defenders of democratic institutions, repudiate the violence unleashed that prevented Evo Morales from completing his presidential term and altered the course of the electoral process, said the new president, who will assume his position on December 10.

After inviting the Bolivian people to choose as soon as possible, in free and informed elections, their next government, the former Chief of Staff pointed out that "we will firmly defend democracy throughout Latin America."

After this institutional breakdown, Bolivia must return as soon as possible to the path of democracy through the popular vote and without proscriptions, he stressed, and expressed Argentina's commitment to institutionality and against any form of coup d'etat on the continent.

I hope that the current authorities will act on the same principle while preserving the physical integrity of those who may be persecuted for the coup and collaborate until December 10 with the recovery of democracy in Bolivia, 'he concludes in his message.

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