Is Messi the best free kick kicker in football history?


A review by the kings of the throwing of fouls: Roberto Carlos, Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beckham, Maradona, Zico …

Until eight! foul goals Last season, the last of them being the work of art against Liverpool at Camp Nou, nothing less than in the Champions League semifinals. In the current course, he has already taken four, one to Seville, another to Valladolid and two to Celta, all in Barcelona. How far will Leo Messi go? Because he marks them of all colors and from anywhere. From near, far, by the squad, soft, strong, below the barrier and even to Panenka, as he successfully tested in the Catalan derby a few months ago. Is it already between the best pitchers of all time?

Seven of those eight goals Missing Messi did in the past year He made them for LaLiga. According to data from Opt, nobody had done it in the same domestic contest, at least since the 2003/04 season. Alone Ronaldinho, in the 2006/07 campaign, it had reached six, a figure that Messi himself signed in 2017/18. And five had achieved Marcos Assuncão (in two consecutive seasons, 2003-05) and Mariano Pernia (2005-06). Do youCristiano Ronaldo ? The Portuguese, now in Juventus, finished as top scorer in a LaLiga season in five opportunities: two in 2014/15, three in 2009/10 and 2013/14 and four in 2010/11 and 2012/13. Messi has been the 'Pichichi in fouls' four times in his career.

Messi story faultsIn 2018/19 he was the top scorer of LaLiga by way of foul, with 7


With the double he scored against Celta on November 9, 2019, Messi reached the 52 foul goals, counting what he did between Barcelona (46) and the Argentine National Team (6). Although he has thrashed Cristiano Ronaldo in that area last season (8-0) and in the current one he is already well above (4-0), CR7 accumulates a total of 54 lack targets (33 in Real Madrid, 13 in Manchester United and 8 with Portugal), two more than the Argentine. But not only Cristiano is – for now and with the permission of the passage of time – above Leo: then, the best foul scorers of all time.


Roberto Carlos France Brazil Friendly 2004

The Brazilian press then defined it as the ‘the goal that challenged physics because of the trajectory the ball took before entering the rival goal. And it is that the ball took a tremendous effect that broke the barrier of France and slipped into the rival goal against the stupefaction of Fabian Barthez, Gallic goalkeeper in that friendly. “The ball was completely deflected but the wind rectified its trajectory to the goal. It was a miracle, ”he would admit in an interview for the French newspaper‘ L’Equipe '. That was one of the most remembered foul goals of the historical side of Brazil and Real Madrid, author of 25 goals in 11 years with Real Madrid in that way. The shots on his left leg had an impressive violence: they reached 140 km / h! Of course, he has a negative record: he threw 45 fouls in the 97-98 league and did not score in any.


Andrea Pirlo AC Milan 2007

In his long career, Pirlo has scored up to 43 goals of direct foul, so he was recently surpassed by Leo Messi. The Italian midfielder had as an admirer the Brazilian Juninho Pernambucano, who will appear further down the list. “I am Italian, but I also have a Brazilian part. 'Pirlinho', if you wish, ”he tells in a fragment of his autobiography. “When I launch the faults, I think in Portuguese and, in most cases, I celebrate in my mother tongue. Each one of those shots bears my name and they are all my children. They all resemble each other without being twins, they can even boast having the same South American roots, ”writes Pirlo. And he concludes: "To be more precise, they (their auctions) share the same source of inspiration: Antonio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Junior, a player who has gone down in history as Juninho Pernambucano."


Sinisa Mihajlovic Lazio

For many, he was the best fouler in history. Anyway, more than half of the goals of his Serie A career have come that way. The Serbian came to score three goals of direct free in a match with Lazio against Sampdoria. The former defender managed to become, during the 90s, one of the most feared footballers. His wonderful left foot was a precise cannon that sent the ball where his mind wanted.


Messi Real Betis Barcelona LaLiga

His left leg knows no limits and will lead him to climb positions on this list. And it is that it makes them above the barrier, below, to Panenka as against Espanyol in 2018/19 … In total, it adds 52 foul goals between Barcelona (46) and Argentine National Team (6), being the own parakeet set his favorite rival: he made 6 in that way. Rivals tremble every time Leo has a ball stopped relatively close to the goal. If they even lie on the grass behind the barrier to prevent the goal … Here, a manual to throw faults like him.


Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Atletico LaLiga

The Portuguese player places the ball thoroughly on the grass so that the inflation valve is looking directly at the ground. Thus he manages to hit it with greater power and print a greater effect. As if it were a rugbier, it takes enough distance to make a good run before hitting the ball. And it is placed slightly to the left of the ball in order to make a curved race before hitting it. Thus, the Juventus player, a club for which he has not yet scored, got a total of 54 goals in that way: 33 with Real Madrid, 13 with Manchester United and 8 with Portugal.


Rogerio Ceni

There are great legends of world football that have not exceeded 100 goals in his career. As the Brazilian Rogerio Ceni, who retired in 2015 after 25 years defending the Sao Pablo shirt, was a goalkeeper and broke that barrier a lot, marking a whopping 56 by the way of the foul (the others, penalty). Logically, with 131, it is the goal with the most goals in football history.


Ronald Koeman FC Barcelona

The Dutchman made 60 foul goals, although only 25 with the Barcelona shirt. However, one of them gave the first European Cup title to the Catalan club (Wembley, 1992, against Sampdoria), even if it was indirectly: before Hristo Stoichkov played it and Jose Mari Bakero stopped.


Diego Armando Maradona Napoli 1990-91

The Fluff not only lived on the prawns. He was also an excellent fouls pitcher, scoring a total of 62 goals. The left-hander was a specialist, especially, in those who ran almost on the line of the large area, collecting large goals throughout his career from that area of ​​the field. Not long ago he was encouraged to give a free lesson on how to launch them …


David Beckham MLS LA Galaxy

"They always asked me how I did to hit him like that in free throws, and I will always say that it is a lot of practice. I practiced about 20 or 30 free kick shots every day. Everything is practical and practical. The most appropriate when making a shot Free is: 1. The angle of approach to the ball should be about 45 degrees; 2. Take a long step towards the ball and support the body slightly backwards; 3. Hit the lower center of the ball with the inside front of the foot; 4. Make a quick movement of the foot up and down at the moment of the blow; 5. Aim well towards the goal; 6. The punch must have enough power to defeat the goalkeeper. " That explanation was given during an Adidas clinic. The steps followed perfectly, to the point of having scored goals where he played: Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG, Los Angeles Galaxy, English team …


Ronaldinho Barcelona 2007

The Brazilian genius of Barcelona made them for all tastes, like the one he did with Brazil to eliminate England in the 2002 World Cup. His impressive technical level allowed him to put the ball where he wanted. He scored a total of 66 foul goals.


Juninho Pernambucano Lyon 30 01 2017

Its main feature is based on dry and hard throws, from long distance and curved from close distances. That way he has scored a whopping 76 goals of direct foul: 18 with Vasco da Gama and 44 with Olympique de Lyon, one of them unforgettable against Barcelona de Messi. In addition, he made 4 with the Brazil shirt. The weather was important to him. "I do not like soft and wet fields at all. All the strength of the shot comes from the support foot, it is the most important in the shooting of the foul," he explained to France Football in an interview. The other enemy was fatigue, which cut back on effectiveness. That is why Lyon had rehearsed moves to reach the area as soon as the match began. As he stated in that same interview, those faults are the ones he liked most, those of the beginning of the meeting. "I'm cooler."


Zico Brazil

The 101 of Zico seem unattainable. And it is that Messi has 47 and there are more than 50 that Messi should do to match the historic former Brazilian player, author of 62 goals with Flamengo, 17 with Udinese, 15 with Kashima and another 7 with the Selection of Brazil. "He made 70 to 90 shots three times a week after training. With a doll barrier, many times with teammates and members of the technical staff. And he hit him from the right, from the center and from the left," he acknowledged in a interview offered in 2011. At that time, he considered Pirlo as the best pitcher of the moment, along with Marcos Assuncao. "That is perfected. In football, each player has his technique, his genius, but perfection is achieved in training, as the pianist has to be playing many hours so that he does not have hard fingers in the concert," he said the 'white pele'.

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