"It has to be a little more respectful, it's a little boy and it just starts"


Racing's victory over Hurricane 1-0 ended quite spicy and with two expulsions from the side of the Globe. One of the most heated was Mauro Bogado, who with the consummate defeat, spoke on the field and hit Nicolas Reniero, who has passed in San Lorenzo.

"He has a past with another shirt and it is thought that this is the classic, but we already win the classic. It has to be a little more respectful, it is a little boy and it just starts. He came to disrespect," he said with anger.

At the time of analyzing the game he explained that they did a good job, but pointed to the judge of the party. "I think we had a good game, we had to put ourselves at an advantage, we couldn't and I think that Flaco (Lucas) Merolla, who is one of the top of our defense, comes out of the goal, was lateral, not the referee sent in, threw the center and the goal came, "he said.

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