Italy secondes LaLiga: asks UEFA and FIFA for new rules for playing abroad


"Our goal, as is that of other leagues, is to conquer other markets and that is done by playing outside so that people know you," says the general director of the Italian league, Luigi De Siervo. "Our proposal is to play at least one game every season outside. "

Calm tense. There is only one month left for the match between Villarreal and the Atletico on December 6 that LaLiga, according to the formal request submitted to the Spanish Royal Federation of Soccer (RFEF) in mid-October, wants it to be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami It will be a milestone for Spanish football, as it will be the first time an official match is held abroad. Last season LaLiga tried it with a Girona-Barcelona, ​​also in the US, but clashes with the RFEF thwarted the attempt in a policy that is still pending from the Commercial Court.

Everything indicates that the Federation will restrain this attempt by the employers. To play in Miami, LaLiga needs five permits (from FIFA, UEFA, Concacaf, the US federation and Spanish) that it does not have and is to adulterate the competition, "said Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF.

Pending the possible official refusal, Italy has come to the fore to proclaim its desire to take Serie A matches also outside its borders. Our proposal is that there be at least one game per season abroad, "said the general director of the Italian league, Luigi De Siervo, at the 24Ore Business School Sport & Business Summit." Our challenge, and that of other European leagues , is to go to conquer new markets and this is done by going to play abroad, to create stronger relationships with our league and our country. "

De Siervo called on FIFA and UEFA to establish the rules that allow the European leagues to leave their territories. The Spanish League is in the lead and has been trying for the last few years to organize a first league game abroad and we hope it can happen, the manager said. It is something that RCS, which organizes the Tour of Italy, has already done with a prologue abroad, opening new markets to sell products.

The eyes of Serie A are also in the USA, where it has announced the opening of an office, and that for De Siervo it will be the theater of football in the next few years because it will host the final phase of the men's and women's World Cups. "

In Italy, the Super Cup, which faces the winner of the Serie A and the champion of the Italian Cup, has already been played abroad 9 times, the first time in 1993 and the last in 2018.

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