Jhonatan Rivas, Vallecaucano pesista, won three gold medals in the Grand Prix of Peru


Jhonatan Rivas, Valle del Cauca, closed the presentation of Colombia in the Grand Prix of Weightlifting in Lima with a flourish, winning three gold medals in the 96 kilogram category.

Rivas confirmed that he is one of the best weightlifters of the continent in his category and surpassed his opponents in starting, shipping and Olympic total.

At startup, the Carthaginian lifted 180 kilograms, enough to surpass the Brazilian Marco Machado -plata-, who reached 167 kilos, and the Venezuelan Angel Luna -bronce-, who lifted 1 kilo less than Machado.

But the Colombian continued long and in the mode of envy he also took first place, lifting 213 kilograms, six above the second, the Chinese Fuxuan Tian (207 kilos) and ten above the Venezuelan Angel Luna, third with 203 kilos

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The two results allowed him to keep the gold medal in the Olympic total, adding 393 kilograms raised in the two movements. The silver went to the Chinese Tian, ​​which totaled 372 kilos, and the bronze to the Venezuelan Luna, who added 369 kilos.

"It is very positive to get three gold medals in the last international event of the year. The season closes in the best way. Although it is not official, I already have the quota to the Olympic Games, just missing the officialization that will be held on April 30 next year, when will the list of those who will be Japan, "said Rivas.

The athlete of the region, 21 years old, is one of the cards of the country to get at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the Cauca Valley to reach the title of the National Sports Games that will take place from the next 15 of November in the department of Bolivar.

As for the Grand Prix of Lima, which culminated this Sunday, the Colombian delegation added 13 gold, nine silver and one bronze medals.

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