Job cuts announced: policy seeks solution for Enercon employees


After the announcement to reduce 3000 jobs, the wind turbine manufacturer Enercon wants to seek a solution in discussions with state and federal politics. Meanwhile, the Greens are fundamentally criticizing the lack of support for the renewable energy industry.
After the announcement of a drastic reduction of jobs at the wind power plant construction company Enercon, politics and industry are looking for ways out. During the week talks are planned with the state and federal politics, said an Enercon spokesman in the East Frisian Aurich. Enercon had announced on Friday to reduce sales drops by up to 3,000 jobs. According to its own information, the Enercon group employs around 18,000 people worldwide.

Green MEP Viola von Cramon-Taubadel criticized that while the restructuring of the coal industry and agriculture would still be spent billions, the renewable energy industry could not hope for generous help. "Worse still, the fickle policy of the federal government in recent years has left even the last hope for planning security for these industries." In contrast, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier of the CDU stressed: "The preservation of jobs in the field of wind energy is an important concern of the Federal Government."

"The dismantling concerns the own enterprise and direct production partner", said company spokesman Felix Rehwald. But also suppliers, craft businesses and regional temporary employment companies would feel the consequences. East Frisia and Magdeburg are particularly affected. The exact size of each site or the impact on supply chains is not yet in sight.

The company had a minus for the first time in 2018 and wrote a loss of 200 million euros, said Rehwald. For the current year, an even higher loss in the three-digit million range is expected. In Germany, the company had built only 65 wind turbines in the first ten months of this year, in 2017 it was still 711.

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