Johannis clearly ahead, but run-off election needed


The presidential race in Romania will be decided in a runoff election. In the presidential election yesterday, according to polls, none of the 14 candidates reached an absolute majority.

Incumbent Klaus Johannis therefore easily secured first place. The leading candidate of the Liberal Party (PNL), which has been in power for a few days, received between 39 and 40 percent of the votes cast. Behind them are candidates for the Social Democrats (PSD), ex-head of government Viorica Dancila, and head of the young reform party "Union saves Romania" (USR), Dan Barna, head-to-head for the final round of the electoral round against Johannis.

> Video: Re turnout bei the presidential election in Romania

With reliable results due to the counting of ballot papers is expected today.

Dancila was Prime Minister of Romania from January 2018 to a week ago, and was ousted by a vote of no confidence in parliament.

> Video: Among other things, ORF correspondent Ernst Gelegs reports from Bucharest why incumbent Klaus Johannis has to go into a runoff election as a favorite in the presidential election in Romania.



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