Jon Moxley remembers the first days of The Shield in WWE


By Romina Lugo – PUBLISHED ON 11/11/2019 AT 01:10

During your participation in Starrcast IV, Jon Moxley He remembered the first days of The Shield in WWE. From his first appearance to the treatment in the locker room. Here are the most prominent statements:

"In our beginnings We were damned people who faced anyone in front of us. I remember that the first night we attacked Ryback while fighting CM Punk (who was the current WWE champion). Punk pushed us aside to talk to us, he didn't want our attack to look like we were helping him. In addition, Ryback was very dear but was in mode 'we will tell the public that they did not come for me'. At that moment I thought 'well, fuck,' we did what we had to do. "

Moxley admits that this attitude was amplified. At that time, the fighters who came from the development zone did not have many opportunities to have their space in RAW or SmackDown. However, none of the three wanted to miss their chance:

"It was a different wardrobe, much more tense. The boys did not have so many opportunities. If you were in FCW, your chances of getting out of there to go to the main roster were slim. And if you did, you ended up being buried or used for a short time. They were looking for fighters like John Cena or Randy Orton. The newest we had to adapt to the remaining mixture. It was a rare situation but we weren't going to let them take our chance. "

In 2012, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Moxley (under the name of Dean Ambrose) made their WWE debut as The Shield. They fought together until 2014 and met again at the end of 2017 and mid-2018. Their last appearance as teams was on April 21, 2019 at the special event "The Shield's Final Chapter" where they fired Moxley, which debuts the company to go to AEW.

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