Juan Fernando Quintero and Rafael Santos Borre played in the defeat of River Plate by Liga de Argentina | Argentine League


River Plate lost a streak of victories and important results this Sunday when, at an unusual time, it received Rosario Central in a match valid for the Argentine Super League. The victory of the Rosario team moves the millionaires away from the top of the championship.

In the first half River had an impressive dominance over Central, and it seemed that the team led by Marcelo Gallardo would take advantage before going to rest. However, the lack of effectiveness in strikers Rafael Santos Borre and Matias Suarez became evident and the cross band team failed to score by the end of the second half.

For the second half the millionaires came out with all the intention of achieving victory, but an error in Gonzalo Montiel's exit gave the advantage to the visitors with a goal from Lucas Gamba, who did not forgive hand in hand with Franco Armani.

Gallardo's reaction came in the 59th minute, when he sent Juan Fernando Quintero to the court, a player who with his talent and technical quality would surely open the way to the comeback. Do not stop, River could never overcome the blow by the goal against and had no clarity to overcome the Rosario defense.

The 'Doll' continued looking for variants to find the tie, among that the departure of Borre by Lucas Pratto at minute 68, but the result was the same.

In the end, the defeat by the minimum difference takes River's chance to take first place in the Argentine League and now concentrates on the semifinal of the Argentine Cup against Estudiantes de Caseros on Thursday.

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