Julien Benneteau (after the success in the Fed Cup): "It's magic for them" – Tennis – Fed Cup


"Tell us a little about the genesis of such an adventure …
Little by little, the group was built. It had to start from a blank page. That's what I told them: I'm new, I have no history with you girls, I have one goal is to try to make you live the emotion of winning the Fed Cup . For that, I need the best team, it is necessary to be together, to manage to put some things aside and to be inhabited, directed towards a single objective. Beyond their victory as players, what they must be most proud of is what they did as women. From February until now. The symbol is beautiful whether Caroline and Kristina fall into each other's arms on the ground. There are some founding moments: the band's announcement for the first meeting in Liege with the return of Caroline; Sunday in Rouen. They became aware that together they were able to do very great things since they beat Romania from Halep. And on this finale, they knew they had that in them. Throughout the campaign, I relied on a group of five players. Fiona (Ferro) strikes hard at the door and the other four all won at least one match during the campaign. It's magic for them.

Kristina Mladenovic was the great lady of this weekend …
When we see Kristina (Mladenovic) what she produces is exceptional. She walked on the water all weekend, it's fantastic. I think she has that in her. She claims it for a long time. I knew she could do it. It was she who made the best end of the season among the French. She had this weekend in mind for a little while. The way she plays and hits the ball, the sense of the game she has allows her to find solutions to anyone. Today, she definitely proved that she was a very, very big champion.

Why did you choose Pauline Parmentier?
She is on the verge of turning the game. I knew it was the right choice. She was not far from doing it. From Wednesday, it was 50-50 in my head for Sunday, between Pauline and Caroline, whatever the result of Caroline on Saturday. I had Pauline in the lead on Sunday because what she produced in training, it was beefy. Yesterday afternoon, after singles, when I spoke with my staff, it was unanimous, with the players also it was unanimous: it was Pauline to go, 2-1 for us or 2-1 against us. She was tall and brave on the court.

And Caroline Garcia?
The double it is capable of producing, despite what happened yesterday … She was able to draw on the team, in her teammates and in the staff, the resources to go on the field and respond present. "

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