KSI Wins Shared Decision Win Against Logan Paul



by Isabelle Thierens

Logan Paul, Instagram / KSI, Instagram

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul finally clashed at Staples Center in Los Angeles to settle their rivalry once and for all. After a year and a half of waiting, and stormy press conferences, it was against all odds KSI who won the victory.

After three explosive press conferences, a weigh-in with a certain ambient tension and months of animosity on social networks, the two youtubers have finally been able to settle their accounts in the ring.

But things have not returned to normal. KSI won on Saturday, November 9, thanks to a split decision by the judges: 55-56, 57-54, 56-55 and the decisions of the judges are not unanimous.

KSI, Instagram
KSI, Instagram

Last time, I was scared to fight, "said KSI about his victory." I was afraid to touch (Logan Paul). I was afraid to get close to him … This time, I came in. I just kept coming and going (…) He could not handle my shots. I got it.

KSI said shaking hands with his opponent

You have to be a great man to get into the ring. You made me work today, thank you for this good fight, brother.

Logan Paul challenged the judges' decision, saying he should not have received 2 penalty points for what the judges considered a punch behind his head.

The result of this fight was a big surprise, Logan Paul was considered the favorite, while KSI was the underdog.

This rematch comes a year and a half after the initial fight of the YouTubers on August 25, 2018, which ended on a tie, which disappointed fans, critics and fighters themselves.

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