LASK goalkeeper Schlager after 1: 0: "championship title?


The 1-0 draw against Admira in the Bundesliga was followed by a 1-0 home victory over Admira in the Europa League, with LASK keeping up the pace as the only side with leaders Salzburg despite the double burden – no wonder the fans of the big one Dream of coup.

"We have to stay calm," said coach Valerien Ismael pragmatically. "We know where we stand, we play the basic round, then start a new competition, the points are halved, the direct duels are crucial." President Siegmund Gruber called on Sky a condition that he speaks of the title. "A maximum of one round before the end, if we have four points ahead." Goalkeeper Alexander Schlager: "Master title? Everyone can dream, one should dream."

LASK goalkeeper Schlager after 1: 0:

Goalkeeper Alexander Schlager

Picture: GEPA

A dream can come true for him on Saturday: Together with Thomas Goiginger, he joins the OFB team camp today and fights for the Einserleiberl in the European Championship qualifier against Northern Macedonia. Ismael recommended team manager Franco Foda his goalkeeper: "Without black and white glasses: He has earned by his services to play, it would be incredible if he holds the necessary point for the European Championship qualification."

Yellow / red for Valerien Ismael

For Schlager it would be the debut, 5410 spectators in the Raiffeisen Arena were yesterday witnessing a Bundesliga premiere: Ismael saw the first coach yellow / red (84). At first he had been upset by Peter Michorl because of a foul and had seen yellow by referee Julian Weinberger, and the demonstrative applause brought him the second one. Ismael followed the last minutes in the stands, one meter behind his bench. "If an opponent's foot is on my player's head, then you can get upset," said Ismael. After the final whistle his first path led to Weinberger: "I said to him, 'If you do not want any emotion from the coach, then you should say.'"

LASK goalkeeper Schlager after 1: 0:

Ismael saw yellow / red.

Picture: APA

Gruber accompanied him away from the referee. Ismael was already aware that he had overreacted. "That was not okay," said the 44-year-old. "I think the coaches are being pulled too fast, without warning, and I want more communication." He may explain himself before the Senate 1. Unlike players, the dismissal does not necessarily mean a suspension for the upcoming Bundesliga match on November 23 in Innsbruck against Tyrol.



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