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LeBron James continues to break brands that only affirm their place between one of the greatest players in all history. With a triple versus Miami Heat the forward reached 25 points in the match and thus reached 1000 NBA regular season games with 20 goals or more.

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Thus, LeBron joins a very special "club": only Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had achieved that feat, just two players who finished their career in Los Angeles Lakers. Malone succeeded in 1,134 opportunitieswhile Kareem did it 1,122 times. Below James are two of the best escorts of all time: Kobe Bryant (941) and Michael Jordan (926).

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Your maximum score in the NBA

He record points in a game of LeBron James in the NBA is from 61 points. He did it in front of Charlotte Bobcats he March 3, 2014, in his last season with Miami Heat and wearing a mask due to a broken nose. It's one of the 19 players who managed to reach 61 points in a regular season game.

That day LBJ converted 22 of its 33 field pitches, with 14-23 in doubles and 8-10 in triples, in addition to making nine free throws. Miami, which did not have Dwyane Wade in that match, won 124-107. It was one of the two times James had eight triples: He had already achieved it on February 20, 2009 in a Cleveland Cavaliers – Milwaukee Bucks with a similar effectiveness: 8-11.

The first time above 20 points

Already in his NBA debut LeBron began with this trend that he maintained throughout his career. He October 29, 2003, visiting Sacramento Kings in a 108-92 defeat, an 18-year-old LBJ converted 25 points with 12-20 in field shots. In 40 of his 79 games of that season as a rookie he achieved this milestone.

Very close to the podium

Only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant converted more points throughout their career than LeBron James. The 38,387 of Kareem and the 36,928 from Malone, two tremendous scorers in the paint and long runs, seem quite distant but not totally impossible to achieve, while Kobe's 33,643 are close: LeBron is less than 900 points of beating the Lakers legend who played 20 seasons in the NBA

The top scorer of the 21st century

Since January 1, 2001, when this century began, LeBron James is the top scorer in the NBA, with 32,746 points. Dirk Nowitzki Y Kobe Bryant, who follow him on the list, are already retired and they were below 30,000 points. Of the active players, the closest is Carmelo Anthony with 25,551 points. Melo debuted in the same season as LeBron (2003-2004), but he is seven months older and still has not signed a contract with any team for this season. Of the youngest litter the best is Kevin Durant, with 22,940 points.

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