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Quito –

Liga de Quito was one step away from raising the Ecuador Cup. The university students beat Delfin 2-0 at Rodrigo Paz Stadium, for the first final. The rematch will be on Saturday (15h00) at the Jocay de Manta stadium.

There was no time to wait and, from the outset, the Manabites tried to corner the albos. With quick touches on the bands and centers they pressed the defenders and flyers albos to avoid kickback.

But Liga responded twice before the 6 minutes of play. Luis Ayala twice focused and complicated goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz; but it was in the second that the goalkeeper of the cetaceans controlled, with just, the ball before the stalking of the gunner Rodrigo Aguirre.

After 10 minutes, the commitment became monotonous because both teams lost their lucidity in their plays to break the scoreboard zero. However, some emotion, Antonio Valencia put when he focused and Luis Chicaiza managed to head, but on the way deflected defender Luis Canga and goalkeeper Ortiz, with a feline reaction, spotted the ball to send the corner kick.

From then on there were few basting of each cast. Carlos Garces (23m) was late to finish off a center that was projected from the right; and Jose ‘Choclo’ Quintero tested with a medium distance shot without causing damage.

At the end of the first part the meeting became hostile. Chicaiza (38m), Édison Vega (40m) and Rodrigo Aguirre (43m) were reprimanded for their excessive shouting against referee Luis Quiroz for the fouls they received from rivals.

At 52m, Valencia won the line again and took out a center that was stopped with Geovanny Nazareno's right hand and the judge called the penalty. Aguirre was in charge of charging him and, with a movement of his legs, tricked the goalkeeper Ortiz, to define with a subtle touch with his left (54m).

And the cetaceans took a long time to react; Only at 68m, the gunner, Carlos Garces, received a pass and took a crossed shoe that goalkeeper Adrian Gabbarini stopped.

Chicaiza had the opportunity to increase the advantage when he received a pass with the head of Jose Ayovi and finished off (74m); but immediately claimed when he received the pass from Valencia, who in a controversial play in which he won the ball to Bruno Pinatares, to take a flush left and sign 2-0 (76m). (D)


League of Quito: Adrian Gabbarini; Antonio Valencia, Franklin Guerra, Carlos Rodriguez (Caicedo, 79m), Luis Ayala; Jose Quintero, Édison Vega, Jefferson Orejuela (Alcivar, 87m), Anderson Julio (Ayovi, 69m); Andres Chicaiza and Rodrigo Aguirre.

Dolphin: Pedro Ortiz; Pedro Perlaza, Luis Canga, Williams Riveros, Giovanny Nazareno; Juan Diego Rojas (Ordonez, 65m), Édison Caicedo, Bruno Pinatares, Robert Burbano (Mera, 78m); Sergio Lopez and Carlos Garces.

Referee: Luis Quiroz. He admonished Chicaiza (38m), Vega (40m) and Aguirre (43m), from Liga. Perlaza (52m), Pinatares (57m) and Canga (85m), from Dolphin.

Stadium: Rodrigo Paz

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