Live! Santos vs Cruz Azul, Liga MX


The Santos Laguna team wants to practically tie up the general leadership of the 2019 Opening Tournament of the MX League when I receive Blue Cross forced to triumph to maintain hopes of Liguilla, in duel of the date 18.

This Sunday, the field of the Corona stadium will be the place where these teams will measure forces at 6:45 p.m., with Roberto Garcia as the person in charge of applying the regulation.

Those of the "Lagunera Region" gave a blow of authority the week before defeating America as a visitor, a duel in which he confirmed himself as a serious contender for the title, for the result and for his actions.

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With the ticket to the Liguilla insured, those of Coahuila have the following objective to ensure the first place of the classification, which would ensure you receive the return matches of the final phase.

The "Warriors", who are first with 33 units, have won five of the 10 most recent home duels against their opponent in turn, for two losses and three draws.

The capitalist team is very close to signing a new failure, since their qualification does not depend on them, but they need to win this duel and the one that follows, but also expect a very complicated combination of results.

The problem is that the level they have shown, beyond the win against America, has been far from optimal to deserve a place in the final phase, and many players would have to think about their future, because they might not enter into plans .

Blue Cross, which adds 20 points, has five victories in the last 10 duels in any field against his opponent in turn, for two losses and three matches.

Torreon's property is 10 years old, considered among the best sports complexes in Latin America.

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