Lopez: "Find me a place where fans have already done that" – Interview


What does it mean to win in an exceptional atmosphere?

Maxime Lopez: "It's been a month since we know that there will be this tifo, that there is a big wait around this game, that there is the return of coach Garcia … It's a pride, we is very happy, not to mention the fact that it is Lyon and Garcia opposite, the important thing was to pass 2nd.This evening we scored a blow.We will be able to pass a good truce, because we know, when we lose this kind of match after the truce is difficult. "

There was a trauma to the Lyonnais?

M.L .: "I think there was a bit of pressure before this game, Lyon had been coming here for a long time, we did not want to disappoint the fans when we see what they did for us tonight. where fans have already done that. "

It can change the rest of your season these two victories against Lille and Lyon?

M.L .: "Frankly, I do not know, it's going too fast in both directions, the truce will cut us off, we'll have to be well prepared, we'll have a tough match in Toulouse."

It had been a while since we had not seen an OM so supportive …

M.L .: "It was important for us to be a team tonight, because we knew the quality of the team in front, and if we do not play as a team, we can not win them. has managed not to take goals to ten against eleven is that we have been in solidarity.In this kind of match we have no concern for each other, because we know that everyone will give everything . "

Are you relieved to have won against a big one?

M.L .: "We're very happy to have won tonight, it's good to win against a direct competitor, we know that if we want to be at the top, that's the kind of match We have to win Now, let's calm down, we won, that's good, but we're not going to start thinking about something else. "

Did you watch the tifos?

M.L .: "Yeah, of course everyone was watching, we had time to watch before the kick-off, it was beautiful, I had some leaks on the tifo, I knew it was going to be something grandiose Congratulations to them. "

It went well for you as a right winger?

M.L .: "Yes very well (he recovers) finally yes it went pretty well I had already played this post, it was two years ago, it goes back.The coach wanted to put me in this position, the last two training sessions it was almost as if for me, for me to take automatisms to this position, it made me gain confidence.This went well also because everyone was in a good momentum too. "

How does it feel to be 2nd after 13 days when your workforce is right?

M.L .: "Frankly the ranking is so tight, we can lose a game and be 7th, this year the Ligue 1 does not mean anything, everybody is at one point of each other, the squad is short, everybody know, we miss our best player, it will be six months when Flo will come back to us present players to give everything as we did tonight, but it's not an end in itself, it must we do it at every game. "

What is the share of Villas-Boas in these victories?

M.L .: "(He laughs) You'll ask him, I do not know how to explain it, there's a good feeling with the coach, everything is going well, he can teach us a lot of things. feels, on the human level too. "

A word on the Payet delivery?

M.L .: "Without going back on his words, I think he had a little pressure.He was able to answer present.In the big games, we see the big players.

At 2-1, at ten, you have a little doubted?

M.L .: "It's true that we took a goal that we can avoid, it's a shame, and when we took the red card, yes we started to doubt a little, but in the evenings like that, we know we're going to give it all, whether it's ten or nine, except for Terrier at the end, we did not concede anything. "

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