Marburger Bund chooses woman for the first time to the top


DThe medical union Marburger Bund is headed by a woman for the first time. The internist and state chairman of the Marburger Bund Hessen, Susanne Johna, received at the general meeting in Berlin 116 of 209 votes, as the Marburg Federation announced on Saturday. Her competitor, the doctor Andreas Botzlar, national chairman of the Marburg Confederation of Bavaria, received 93 votes. He was confirmed as 2nd Chairman.

Johna replaces Rudolf Henke, who after 12 years in office did not run again and was appointed Honorary Chairman of the Association by the Annual General Meeting. Johna was already a member of the Federal Executive Board and also belongs to the board of the Federal Medical Association. The 54-year-old works as senior physician for hospital hygiene at the St. Josefs-Hospital Rheingau in Rudesheim.

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