Marcelo Diaz would wear blue again: Going away is Racing


It would be the first option …

The national player Marcelo Diaz is going around Cruz Azul again, this after the Mexican club will look for him earlier this season, but without reaching an agreement due to the importance of the player in the Argentina Racing scheme.

The president of Cruz Azul, Guillermo Alvarez, sees in Chile a good option for the leadership he can give half of the court, and although the Argentine soccer player Ivan Marcone was the first on the list, Alvarez does not see him with Good eyes for the bad way he left the Mexican cadre.

Another option that is in the folder for the Americans is the player Jose Juan «Gallito» Vazquez, however, the midfielder is currently injured, which could rule out his arrival at «the cement machine».

But this time, the possibility that the Chilean returns to Mexican football is closer after the present in the Argentine club, in which he is no longer the fundamental pillar of the team and has lived with injuries.

In addition, rumors are added that at the end of the year the coach, Eduardo Coudet, who would have offers from the International of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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