MARKET PLAYERS COLOMBIA | They claim that Roman Torres would return to Millionaires by 2020 (Millionaire Reinforcements by 2020)


The bad campaign of the blues in the second part of the year led to the departure of Jorge Luis Pinto and also to seek a renewal of the squad. And although he is not a player with a future and projection, he starts talking about Roman Torres returning to Millionaires by 2020, something he likes a lot of the blue fans.

The 33-year-old center has just been champion in the MLS with Seattle Sounders and many remember that on several occasions, after his departure in mid-2015, he said he hoped to re-dress the blue shirt with which he won the League 2- 2012 Well, now the media have begun to mention his name and a journalist with good information gave it as a great option to arrive as the first player for the following year.

Roman Torres would return to Millionaires by 2020 Who says so?

Although there is no named DT and there are many doubts because names abound, but not negotiations, there is talk of a solution for the blue defense in terms of experience and leadership, something that the team did not have in 2019 in the most complicated moments.

Well, according to the journalist Diego Rueda, during the broadcast of Caracol Radio of the Junior VS Tolima match by the homers of the Aguila League 2-2019, the coach is planning to return and likes his name:

"I can talk about what would be the first reinforcement of Millionaires for the 2020 season. The fans love him, champion in Colombia; Roman Torres, the Panamanian …

It is pending to close the negotiation in the United States, because it plays in the MLS, but today it is very close and in Millionaires it likes that Rman Torres returns "

Remember that between 2012 and 2015 the player exceeded 100 games in the first team of Millionaires and scored 7 goals. But beyond that, he got into the hearts of fans and that's why it doesn't sound bad to know that Roman Torres would return to Millionaires by 2020.

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