Martin Palermo charges against arbitration in the Volcano


Los Tuzos finished the day with a draw that complicates everything.

Martin Palermo made serious statements about arbitration in the match against Tigres, due to two fouls that were not scored against Franco Jara.

“A bit annoying with the arbitration decisions about when to use the VAR. We must be consistent because we are playing a lot, today were two decisive plays and at no time was the review resorted, ”he said.

Palermo said that both in the first half and in the second half, his player was shot down inside the area, first by Carlos Salcedo and later by Hugo Ayala.

"I am not to get involved with the arbitration, but the criterion, which in no situation has come close to deciding him, is the anger that one has left for how the game took place."

In that game Tigres got its 11th grade consecutively to the league, while Pachuca is still torn between life and death, awaiting the failure of his contestants.

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