Mass crash in black ice on A7


During a pile-up on the A7 in Bavaria, 29 people were injured on Sunday morning after a first assessment of the police. Emergency doctors and paramedics brought four seriously injured people to hospitals. "Involved were 18 vehicles," said a police spokesman on Sunday noon. Among them are numerous cars and at least one truck.

After initial investigations, black ice had formed on a bridge near Marktbreit. The 49-year-old driver of a pickup truck, which was heading for Kassel, crashed into the center barrier around 7:20 am. "At this point it was smooth and very foggy," said the police spokesman. The visibility was therefore less than 50 meters. According to police could subsequent drivers no longer brake in time, so it came to further rear-end collisions.

metal balls
29 people were seriously injured in the pile-up. (Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa / DPA)

A woman was trapped in her car and cut by the fire department with heavy equipment from the rubble. A patrol car, which secured the scene of the accident, was rammed. "Three vehicles of the fire department were also damaged."

A large contingent of fire and rescue service was in use for several hours. During the rescue work, the A7 was temporarily closed to the north between the exits Marktbreit and Kitzingen.

fire engine
Also a vehicle of the fire-brigade was involved in the mass accident. (Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa / DPA)

On Saturday, there had already been a mass accident in Rhineland-Palatinate on the A1. There were 19 cars and a truck involved in the accident according to the police – four people were slightly injured.

Accident areas & current traffic reports

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