Miami demands an end to the blockade against Cuba


Dozens of people, mostly Americans, participated on Saturday night in an event held at the Parish Center of the Episcopal Church of San Esteban, in the city of Miami, to demand the cessation of the siege of almost 60 years of existence.

The initiative was sponsored by U.S. Hands Off Venezuela South Florida, a coalition that opposes Washington's sanctions, threats and attempts to promote a coup in Venezuela.

To the activity members of the Martian Alliance, which brings together organizations of Cuban emigrants, the Foundation for the Standardization of Relations between the United States and Cuba (Fornorm) and community and local entities.

Several speakers, including Max Lesnik, Elena Freyre, Carlos Rafael Dieguez, Lorenzo Canizares and Yvonne Hayes, referred to the damage caused by this American policy and the need to terminate it.

They gave examples of how the blockade, which they described as cruel, criminal and illegal, affects all sectors of Cuban life, from the lack of medical equipment for a child to the impossibility of trade between Cuban and US companies.

They also rejected the activation last May of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which allows foreign companies to invest in property nationalized by Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

At the event, a statement by the United States Union for Civil Liberties was read against the prohibition of the US Government that prevents its citizens from traveling freely to Cuba, and those present received a video of the Puerto Rican independence leader Rafael Cancel Miranda.

We had a very good and necessary activity; I hope they continue happening in the future; more and more people should know and understand about the blockade, he told Prensa Latina Freyre, president of Fornorm.

Under the title 'No to the blockade against Cuba!', The act, which ended with the famous song Guantanamera, followed the presentation and voting of a resolution, at the United Nations headquarters in New York for the twenty-eighth time since 1992, which demands the cessation of the hostile policy.

Two days ago, 187 countries overwhelmingly supported the Cuban claim, only three voted against (United States, Israel and Brazil), and two (Colombia and Ukraine) abstained.

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