Michel Preud'homme: "We were not ready to go to war"



At the end of this first defeat of the home season of the works of Mechelen (1-2), Michel Preud'homme regretted the fact that his men were not attentive to the main instructions before the match.

"They had been told that before speaking from a football point of view, they would have to be present in the duels. We won only too little during a big part of the meeting. It was better in the last quarter of an hour but it is insufficient. On the first and second balloons, they were much stronger than us. The Malinois are comfortable in the positional game, they know how to position their body. Overall, we were not ready to go to war. "

Led 0-1 and 0-2, the Liege had, according to their coach, the possibilities to reverse the trend. "We had opportunities in the first period with, in particular, heads stitched just above on centers. I'm also thinking about Lestienne after the Carcela overflow. "

Michel Preud'homme then highlighted the rickety of his opponent. "I will never criticize, unlike some confreres, the tactics of an opponent. But there are rules that must be enforced. There was a lot of wasted time with so-called injuries. It's the negative part of football and the referee had to intervene. "

The opportunity for MPH to evoke the arbitration and more specifically the VAR, active late in the game. "Sunday night, the VAR worked well. There was Selim's hand fault, hat to them. This time he was well used, unlike last week when he was inactive or at the Antwerp match. "

For his part, Wouter Vrancken enjoyed the victory, a first for 28 years. "I am obviously very proud of my players who have remained calm while being effective." The Malinois coach was then questioned about his future as his name is circulating on the side of Genk or Felice Mazzu seems in great difficulty. "It's a shame to come with that after such a win. I am busy with my job in Mechelen. I do not have a crystal ball, so I can not predict the future. "

Other reactions to the microphone of our colleagues from VOO

Tainmont: "This is our best game since the beginning of the season in terms of production of the game We were able to be well in block We had four opportunities and we put two at the bottom Come and get a result here is exceptional, we have quality in the group, we are able to produce beautiful game When we come to Standard, we must first be very compact.The coach does an excellent job. the others, it shows a great state of mind, we came with a state of mind that allows us to come for a result. "

Mpoku: "We're frustrated and disappointed, we've seen the defeat of Bruges, so we're very disappointed with that, we can not blame ourselves for it, it was not the best Standard today. the truce to rest, we may have lacked inspiration and accuracy, missed a lot of things, we did not make the right decisions at the right time. "

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