MMA: The incredible KO after only 16 seconds of fighting


10 November, 2019 20:06

Christian Edwards knocked out Cesar Bennett after a tremendous jaw kick after 16 seconds of fighting at Bellator 233. Watch the video in the note.

MMA fight
Christian Edwards glared at Cesar Bennett in a few seconds.

Christian Edwards is an American MMA fighter who is just 21 years old and has two bouts in his short career. This weekend the American took all the lights after beating Cesar Bennett, 32 years old, in just 16 seconds of fighting at Bellator 233 in Oklahoma.

Edwards proved that it is a rising promise in mixed martial arts and He did not hesitate in the octagon at the time to strike a withering kick to his opponent, who left him knocked out for several minutes and forced him to retreat on the stretcher of the WinStar World Casino. Finally Bennett regained consciousness, after being assisted by the doctors of the event.

The referee did not hesitate to intervene and declare Christian Edwards a winner by knockout so the young wrestler began to celebrate euphorically after this victory confirming his good moment in this sport that day by day wins more followers.

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This young fighter trains alongside Jackson Wink, an MMA legend, in Albuquerque and learns a lot from him. Therefore, comparisons with a young version of the light heavyweight champion of the leading mixed martial arts company have not been long in coming.

It should be noted that Edwards debuted in July this year and beat him by technical knockout in 54 seconds Justin Vargas, to whom he slept with a blow of the left hand and then hit him with a fist before the referee ends the fight.

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Surely over time this American talent will give talk. The world of MMA has already put its expectations on it.

Video: Twitter @Bellator_Europe

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