Mossos and Police contain a demonstration of CDR in Barcelona


After an electoral campaign in truce, the independence movement wanted to be heard on the street during the day of reflection, a day in which politicians could not launch their slogans. And again he showed his two versions at the same time: the peaceful one, with a festive concert in the University square from Barcelona that brought together some 7,000 people – according to the Urban Guardia -; and the radical, with a demonstration of CDR that returned tension for a few hours to the city center, although there were no serious incidents.

Under the motto 'Ho tornarem a fer' ('We will do it again'), the Defense Committees of the Republic they intended to protest again in front of the National Police Headquarters in the Via Laietana, but the call ended with protesters and policemen playing cat and mouse in several streets. Despite the high presence of graphic journalists, some displaced from foreign countries to follow the election day, this mobilization of the CoR had a meager participation of activists. In fact, it lasted just over an hour.

The Mossos d'Esquadra cut the way to the demonstration, which had departed since the concert in the Plaza Universitat, when it tried to access the Urquinaona square in search of Via Laietana, where the police guarded the headquarters with a wide deployment.

From then on, a hundred protesters tried to circumvent the police cordon by making larger and larger detours, which forced the riot police to move from street to street, sometimes running, to prevent it. At the intersection of Bailen and Ali Bei streets – in the immediate vicinity of the statue of Rafael Casanova-, the CDR tried to make a barricade knocking down two containers, but the agents prevented him with an intervention that eventually dissolved the demonstration. The most notable incident was the launch of some blunt object, stones and rotten eggs, very smelly, against the police.

For its part, Democratic Tsunami, the enigmatic platform investigated by terrorism by the National Court after blocking access to the airport of Barcelona on October 14, had called to participate in events throughout Catalonia to "overflow" the Central Electoral Board (JEC). Despite this appeal, the citizen response was much less than that of other independence movements.

20 musical groups

In Barcelona, ​​and under the motto 'Fem-los reflect' ('Let's make them reflect'), several thousand people concentrated on the University square to listen to about twenty musical groups, in the main action convened by this group during the day of reflection.

The ERC leader in the Barcelona City Council, Ernest Maragall, attended the concert, like the president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie. The PP had appealed the calls for Tsunami Democratic for yesterday, but the JEC said it lacked the power to prohibit "prospectively and in general" the performance of any act in the days of reflection and voting. However, the Electoral Board did demand that the Generalitat adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the "absolute neutrality of public spaces. "

At noon, when the first Tsunami activists approached Universitat Square to set the stage, agents of the Urban Guardia They were asked who was responsible for the act, to which they replied: "The people."

University Division

The concerts were held next to the hundred of tents that are still installed in the square and that, however, experienced a split this Saturday. Some groups of students decided to withdraw from the camp on Friday night after finding their differences with the rest of the concentrates on whether they should end their motivation with the protest before the elections.

In the rest of Catalonia, the events called by Tsunami Democratic also passed without incident and the most outstanding actions were the cutting of the N-II road in La Jonquera, which lasted two hours, and another at the Girona Sur exit of the AP-7 motorway. The playful atmosphere was repeated in the calls that took place in Girona, Lleida Y Tarragona, although in this last city a car tried unsuccessfully to attack a group of protesters.

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