Munich: Flea market article turns out to be a treasure – buyer has mega-problem


A bizarre legal dispute over a supposedly cheap ceramic pitcher from the flea market has the district court Munich II busy.

  • At a flea market in Munich, a pitcher changed ownership for five euros.
  • For 1000 euros, the buyer wanted to resell the piece.
  • Then he realized the real value – it was followed by a lawsuit.

Munich – The one on one Munich flea market For a jar with pewter lid bought for five euros, it later turned out to be an antique from the 16th century – im Value of about 10,000 euros,

The flea market buyer from the district of Bad TOlz-Wolfratshausen had the jug originally for 1000 euros on an Internet platform resell. A buyer from Julich in North Rhine-Westphalia bought the good piece for the price – but did not get the pitcher.

Munich: Flea market odds turns out to be treasure

Since the Oberbayer had now recognized, which precious piece he had got hold of at the flea market, he did not want to give away the so-called Bartmannskrug from the Westerwald. The Internet shopper went to court because he was the pitcher, presumably from the pottery workshop of the well-known artist Anno Knutgen came, necessarily wanted to have.

As thedistrict Court reported on Thursday, it did not have to judge ultimately. After some negotiations, the two parties agreed that the jug is now going to Julich for 4000 euros. "End jug – all pitcher," commented a justice.

Only recently did it happen to another flea market buyer: She bought a ring for little money, which also turned out to be a real treasure.


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